We are sure you will agree with us: setting up a company is no easy task. And doing so in the midst of an economic crisis verges on pure recklessness.

Well, that is exactly what Mihaela and yours truly did ten years ago. While the music of recession was playing on all TV sets and radios, we wrote the score for a business project – and almost a life one too!

Ibiza pioneers

Talking about DMC or Incentives in Ibiza a decade ago was something unusual. The most lively of the Pitiüses Islands was known for its beaches and its party scene, but not for being a DMC destination.

Well, there you had us: two dreamers drowning in paperwork, saved by our optimism. Incentivos Ibiza DMC not only represented a professional commitment, but it also meant ‘leaving everything behind’ to us. Ibiza would not only be our office, but it would also be our home.

Black and white first

The first step was putting our idea down to paper. This looked like it would become the most tedious part: facing all legal and economic aspects, bureaucracy and so on. Fortunately, we had the support of professionals who helped us cope and get to develop our business project.

A touch of color

Once that stage was over, it was time for a few colorful strokes: creating our logo and website, and undertaking promotion work both inside and outside the island. After a year, we were able to reap the first fruits.

It has been a long time since we organized our inaugural group. In this period, the world of DMC has evolved enormously, and so has Incentivos Ibiza DMC – while always being faithful to its essence, of course.

The artisan touch

Incentivos Ibiza DMC has grown both in business volume and in scope, with a presence that has spread from Ibiza to Mallorca and also Formentera. In addition, our customers now hail from all corners of the world. But our growth has always followed a motto – evolving without relinquishing our essence. Therefore, part of our commitment is not renouncing to be artisans of our craft. We love being hostesses! We are still obsessed with the quality and care of the details that offer a fully satisfying experience to our customers, one that will make them take home a good memory of their stay at our house.

Visibility and knowledge

Anyway, this does not clash with our staunch commitment to keeping up to date and investing in promotion. Thus, in recent years we have updated our online presence with a renewed website and this very blog, and that is exactly  what exemplifies our engagement to sharing our knowledge and experiences in this thrilling scene.

We have also invested time and resources in improving and expanding our presence on social networks (we have profiles on Facebook , LinkedIn and Instagram ).

We have also chosen to be present in fairs such as IBTMWorld – where we have participated for eight years – or IMEX.

How about a breakthrough?

We know for a fact – we are never going to rest on our laurels. The DMC  scene requires constant experimenting. We love trying new trends and sensations! And that is what we wanted to show with the radical corporate image change that we present today: four stripes, four islands. In addition, the interlaced fabric that forms the pattern between those stripes represents the spirit of companionship and collaboration, of union and entertainment, and of shared experiences that Incentivos Ibiza promotes among its clients, in the constant quest of a different experience for them all.

Here you can see the evolution of our logo throughout these days of Incentivos Ibiza life:

Evolution of the Incentivos Ibiza logo over these 10 years