Construcción barcos de cartón

It’s Monday. Your mug still gives off the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The phone rings. You pick it up, fighting the slowness that comes with the first hours of Monday – it’s a customer calling: 140 people, an event of European scope, a company with delegations in seven countries and global presence and, on top of it, just a few weeks to organize it.

You may imagine how the office started to boil when you hung up the phone – the sound of all its machinery working at full capacity. A large event involves not only space requirements, it also means organizing activities that allow splitting the participants into different groups and schedules. The running order has an essential role so that you do not leave any detail at random. All sewn up for sure!

In this case, our client was Efficy, a company specialized in CRM solutions that had experienced great growth in recent times. They needed an event that fostered the interrelation and knowledge among employees of their delegations, in order to improve their communication and functioning. Our guests were going to be 140 workers of the company, all hailing from different parts of the European continent and with different schedules and means of arrival.

The importance of the first contact

There is nothing worse on a trip than a bad start. For this reason, in Incentivos Ibiza we like to take care of our guests since their arrival. We give great importance to the reception at the airport, the transfer and also to the welcome and accompaniment during check-in at the hotel.

Once in the rooms, a little while is needed to glam up for the ‘Latino’ welcome party. Dinner, speeches and salsa, merengue and bachata classes to get into the atmosphere.

Team building by the sea

As we have previously explained, we are team building devotees. We love to challenge our guests to overcome obstacles through teamwork and creativity.

On this occasion, the challenge was to go out and sail in a homemade cardboard boat. The different groups competed to present the best project under the following selecting criteria: design, time that the boat stayed afloat and team creativity.

Barbecue on board!

Once the best ‘naval engineers’ had been rewarded and recognized, we took them back for a sail on the sea. This time onboard a catamaran in which we rewarded them with a barbecue while enjoying the stunning views.


In short, a complete experience and a challenge of which we are more than satisfied. The best gift is, without a doubt, to see them say goodbye to us with a smile on their faces and read opinions like these:

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