A few days ago we talked about incentive trips as motivational tools. We agreed to explain the key elements of a trip of this kind in detail, so here we are.

As always, and as in everything, planning is essential when putting an incentive trip together. Here is a list of what you should not overlook:

The target audience

When planning your trip, you must be sure about who you are organizing it for. To that end, it is essential that you trace a complete profile of the team of people you are targeting. Knowing our audience will help us to be able to choose the ideal destination, characteristics, activities, etc.

It is possible that at some point, especially when dealing with large companies or external personnel, you cannot acquire all the information you would like to be able to draw up this profile. In these cases, try gathering all viable data (surely you can manage to get ages, a distribution by gender, training experience, etc.) and try to offer varied activities, in some cases with more than one activity at the same time and, if possible, ones people can sign up to based on their affinities. Another option, time permitting, is to previously distribute a questionnaire about tastes and leanings (which can be anonymous) that will assist you when sketching stereotypes.

The destination

The destination will notably condition the success of our trip. When selecting it, you must take into account various factors such as:

– The journey itself. Will it be done by your team’s own means or will it be facilitated by the company? In this sense, you must bear in mind that if the trip is done as a group, our work starts from the moment of departure and, therefore, so do our possibilities of influencing in one way or another.

– Possibilities of the destination. You must select a destination that does not alter your plan. That is, the first thing you should decide is “what” and then look for a “where” that fits that “what”, and not the other way around.

– The novelty factor. Do not forget that one of our primary goals is to capture the attention of our attendees. To accomplish this, we must surprise them and suggest them new things. Does this mean a destination cannot be repeated? It will depend on whether we are able to propose a unique vision, with different activities. In short, their interest needs to be aroused. This does not inevitably mean that if a returning team was delighted with a place and wants to repeat, we must not study the convenience of going there again.

– Already knowing the destination. It never hurts to know the destination and its attractions firsthand. That’s why a previous exploration trip can be very helpful. Nevertheless, do not be overwhelmed if your schedule is hectic. Put yourself in the hands of professionals in the sector, so you can delegate many of the previous tasks.

And this is where we talk about our home. In Incentivos Ibiza DMC, after years of experience, we recognize everything that the Balearic Islands have on offer, and we are convinced that there will be very few things that our islands cannot put at your disposal. That’s why we suggest you take a good look at our website before choosing your destination.

The goal

Although we are addressing an incentive trip, you should not forget who is financing it and what their actual goal is. In this sense, you must achieve a balance between leisure and business. That is to say, besides the “prize” activities the trip must include those “brand” actions the company has actually booked the trip for – training exercises, new releases presentations, workshops, team building sessions… This part is equally important, and you should take as much care of it than of the rest – or even more. It is, in fact, the bit that you, as your company’s expert in the matter, should work more in-depth. For the rest, you already have us! 😉

Incentive travel infography


So this is what we needed to tell you about these trips to motivation. If you want us to offer more information, propose a topic for future posts, or if you want to tell us your experience, we encourage you to leave us a comment.