Speaking of Mallorca is talking about experience. The elder of the Balearic Islands accumulates centuries of experience in tourism. Although there are previous references to Mallorca, it was the appearance – in 1784 – of Vargas Ponce’s book “Descriptions of the Pithiusas and Balearic Islands” that started its popularization as a leisure destination. In its origins, tourism was only available to the well-to-do classes but, nowadays, it is one of the most important socio-economic phenomena of our society.

Four facts about Mallorca

Tourism in the Balearics adds up to almost 45% of the region’s GDP – Gross Domestic Product. In 2017 we welcomed over 16 million visits, of which more than 2.5 million came from the Iberian Peninsula.

We have more than 16,000 companies dedicated to the sector and there are thousands of families that have their source of income in the hospitality, catering and auxiliary services.

According to data from the Mallorca Convention Bureau, the island has 24 golf courses, 33 marinas, 52 tennis clubs and more than 280,000 hotel rooms distributed in almost 1700 establishments.

In addition, it boasts state-of-the-art infrastructures and facilities for large-scale events, including the Palau de Congresos de Palma, which was inaugurated in 2017.

Tradition and avant-garde

Mallorca is synonymous with tradition, avant-garde, and sustainability. Over the years, it has managed to masterfully combine its cultural heritage with the most innovative and cosmopolitan trends.

Leave it in our hands

Mallorca offers magnificent natural spaces, traditional and folkloric activities, sports and adventure, culture and training, as well as cuisine and well-being. All of it with the utmost professionalism and care for quality and visitor recognition.

Get the most out of your event on the island. Let us help you with its design and organization. Your satisfaction  – and that of your guests – is guaranteed.

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